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Pathetic North East India

The North Eastern Part of the country is in a miserable state. People are devoid of job avenues. The Govt. jobs are meant only for those who can pay a hefty bribe along with good connection i.e Political or bureaucrats. Private players who has helped employeed the few locals are always being harassed by certain groups i.e Police, Excise, enforcement , Local goons etc. At the end these players have no other option but to shut down their unit and leave the few employeed as jobless.
The number of suicides, theft, dacoity is on the rise and this is because of the failure of govt to give job avenues to the needy. The government is taking no steps to motivate private players to set up units and create job avenues. Off late, it is heard that Sahara Group planned to construct a 400 unit housing complex at a reasonable rate in the area but they turned down as it is learned that some political leaders has asked for 100 cr as bribe for starting the project.
The rise of militancy in the area is also due to such condition of the area. There is cry at every nook and corner to give them ST Status or autonomy. In the capital city of Assam i.e. Guwahati, the people who could afford to buy a flat or plot of land are are employees of OIL sector, Land Mafia and corrupt officials. The rest of the public are either in occupancy of a rented premises or living in the sub-urbs. I have the oppurtunity of visiting remote villages of Assam and my heart bleeds on seeing their livelihood. They are living from hand to mouth. There is no proper medical facilities. The number of school dropout is alarming.

The Political pundit i.e. ruling party claims that they had brought development in the area and that why they had been chosen by the public for the third time. But it is my personal feeling that the party has manage to keep their status alive only through money and muscle power. Development of the area can be said to have achieved when each and every citizens are enriched with basic enmities. Food, Shelter, jobs, medical facilities, education etc.

Can anybody suggest a solution to the problem. How to overcome at the personel level.

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I am a Masters in Sociology and want to share the practical scenario which I use to see in day to day life with a hope that somebody will provide a solution for the same

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