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Nature's Fury

Tropical Cyclone Mahasen lashes the coast of Bangladesh with heavy rain and expected to bombard north-eastern states of India. Mahasen will tentatively enter the Barak valley of Assam. Red Alert has been announce in certain parts as the cyclone is likely to affect the state of Tripura, Meghalaya, and Mizoram.

Now whether our NDRF ( National Disaster Relief Force) is ready or equiped to handle the natures fury. As of now the force is a sleeping cat and no action has been seen by them except putting adds and banners. No alert was also declared by them except and it is only through the local TV channel people learned about Mahasen. A panicky situation is prevailing in the entire area.

There is a outcry by the local mass of Assam on devastating flood and rapid erosion. Ground situation is worse as some villages which once existed are no more which has been washed out by mighty Brahmaputra. Eg Palasbari in Kamrup District and Gomafulbari in Barpeta District does not have any entity at present.

Will the Government wake up and take measures to prevent further devastating fury's of nature or everything is left on "Bhagwan bharosae" God.

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