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My scooter

Well just like to share. I brought a scooter in the year 2010 and it is given a name tag by transport authority as AS-01-AN-9603. I had made a lots of saving from my monthly income to purchase the same as my calculation does not match to go for a four wheeler. I use to take great care of my scooter like my kids and treat each and every ailments in time. I avoid driving in bad roads and pot holes. If at the most I have to drive in such condition, my speed is brought down to zero. I rarely share my scooter with anyone because of it being mishandled.
I use to travel around 15 km every day with my scooty to reach office from home. Frequently, I use to visit my parental home which is around 48Km from my residence. So during such cases, my scooter runs for more than 100 Km on to and fro journey. My scooter has taken care of me and never broke down during any of my trips .

The 15 Km stretch from my residence to office was a good condition road and I could see that the road was without any pot holes. The road is also seen with frequent repairing work being done throughout the year.

But now May, 2013 there was a heavy rain in my area which continued for 10-15 days. There was water logging in many areas. To my surprise, I found that in several part of the stretch of 15 Km of my regular route, pot holes has uprooted and the road condition has become pathetic. The road appears as if no work has been done for past few years.

I was wondering as to how a shower of rain could have destroyed the tarred road. I was quite disturbed thinking of the issue. Finally, I could smell that this is also because of corruption in the road sector of the Govt which has protruded out in the form of potholes.
It is very evident that the work was executed by the road division of state machinery through some contractors. The contractors perhaps has spent a hefty amount for getting the work order sanctioned. After satisfying all the greedy public servants, the contractor found that if he does the work as per laid down specification than he will incur a loss. So what he did, he executed the work far below the specification and the material which he used is either below specification/sub standard or he has used less material than the specified amount which fail to withstand a shower of rain.
It is a open secret that the condition of such roads are good which are regularly used by the politicians and the others are fit for rain water harvesting.
Now, whom to blame and who is the sufferer. If the matter is agitated, the contractor will be sacked but no body will dare to dig the actual truth behind the entire issue.

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