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Student of the year- movie review

A place where life begins of any child, place where base of values are constructed, what if that place changes to battle field. Friendship seems to be most important in school life, what if a wall of competition is constructed between friendship?
Karan Johar's new romantic drama Student of the year reveals the answer. Debutant Siddharth Mlhotra as versatile, all-rounder, ambitious, small-town boy, Alia Bhatt as style icon, most beautiful girl of school a brat but cute, Varun Dhawan as complete brat rockstar but very emotional did full justice with their role. The story tells about how friends, family, love broke in a competition and how it again fixed all the things, how friends become foe how again they become friends. Full of KJO made love, beautiful picturisation that anyone can fall in love with the treo. A must watch for friends and Family will really make your day and will make you think of something and you'll must say 'yeh nhi dekhi to bahut kuch miss kar diya yaar'.

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