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A bundle of joy!!

As a tutor, I had decided that I would teach students from grade 3 onwards, and never thought of tutoring kids younger than that. But one day, a lady came to me with her five year old daughter "Vriddhi" who was in nursery class and a bundle of energy running around the room giggling, and requested me to teach her. At first, I declined saying that she is too young and I don't teach nursery kids but she insisted, so I thought, let me take one class with her and then I will decide.

The little girl came to the class with everything bright and colorful with her......a bag, waterbottle and looking like a sweet doll. The moment she entered the gate, she started talking to me as if she had known me for years. Throughout the class, she kept talking in her cute manner......making me smile, wonder and laugh. She was an embodiment of fun, innocence, purity, cuteness and liveliness!! One class with her and I was more than happy to teach her. As a five year old, Vriddhi was free from any pretense or formality. She was a chatterbox who couldn't stop talking, you could not stop her if she wanted to run around, she would roam around my house as its her own, and she was comfortable with me as we have known each other forever.

That little girl took me back to my childhood and taught me how to be happy, unpretentious and just be your original self. She was a little live wire in the house! She brought a vibration of pure innocence and lightness with her. Although I was the teacher, but I myself got to learn a lot from my youngest student.I also got the opportunity of accompanying her and her mother, to her school for the parent teacher meeting. It was great to discuss about her with her school teachers and a proud moment to listen to them sing praises of my bright and talented student. And even now, I miss her and the wonderful experience I had with her to the core!
As a teacher, it has been a special and an unforgettable experience, which I am going to cherish forever!!

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