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Every now and then we read the news of rapes which more than often spoils the day. The incident often raises the focal, local or even a national level outrage like one started since the 16 Dec 2012 bus gang rape of a 23 years girl at Delhi followed by brutal and barbaric mutilation of her body and soul. The media in India since then has started booming every major/ minor incidence literally exploiting the mass sentiments. The Govt. brought a new law for astringent action against culprit, since it had to cool the public sentiments, silence the media and top of all save the attacks of opposition. As it always happens, no sooner there is a new incident we forget the old , for now the Rail gate Coalgate IPL gate uttarakhand disaster etc have occupied the front seat. Rapes are still taking place in the country but they have become usual news items in media. We need to view the rape in totality over and above as a news headline - what, why, how, who, when, where, get into the root cause and try to find the possible solution.
The statistical studies carried out indicate, there is a certain rise in the recent years in the crime against women to some extent minors and innocent girls. There is an steep rise in the child rapes, may be, since they are soft targets easy to lure, scare and weak to resist. The statistics are evident of a rise of the juvenile criminals in the crime against women. The records of National crime records bureau of India are straight on the subject, almost every 20 min a rape case is reported in the country. The wild guess is , unreported cases are much more than the reported cases. The PSR legislative research NCRB chart of annual incident is as under:
Year Incidents Rise
2006 18682 Base yr
2007 20096 7.568%
2008 20953 4.265%
2009 20804 _0.71% s
2010 21603 3.84%
2011 23582 9 .16%
2012 624 2.65%
Astonishingly, there is an steep rise in juvenile rapists (16-18 yrs of age) in India. The rise rate between 2010-12 : Tamilnadu 233%, MP 284%, Odisha 411%; the pattern is similar in other states. The attributing factors considered are biological ie early onset of puberty, psycho social pattern changes of openness ,uncontrolled erotic TV serials and films etc. In a further revelation only 2-10 % rapes are committed by strangers , by an intentional criminal assault or an accidental pray , most common the crime is committed by known person , most of them go unreported for fear and variable social stigmas or family relations
The sex is the most poise and honest creation of God, honestly a psycho-somatic phenomenon. Any creation of God or nature has a better and a bitter side. Fire gives warmth and facilitates cooking but it burns also, electricity makes our life easy but should it shocks and short circuits to disaster as well. The basic of the sex is to procreate a new generation; it’s the highest farm of creativity. Let us go to the permittivity of the plant and the animal kingdom. These both the king- domes starts from uni-cellularity where the reproduction is by cellular division. It may be binary –the cell dividing into two and be individual soul, or two cells uniting with exchange and amalgamation of the cell contents and multiplying into multiple cell colonies may be called the sexual reproduction. With the process of evolution sex determination takes place, to begin with they become hermaphrodite meaning one body having both the sex organs. The two animals have to be together uniting each other’s male female organs and carry on with the process of procreation and as a result both get pregnant and lay ova, we can put flowers and earthworm in this category. The plant kingdom still carries on with the same, every flower has an andrcoecium - the male organ to produce pollen for fertilisation, and a gynaecium- the female organ to have an ovary to bear the seed. The male part vanishes after the fertilisation; the female part develops with collection of food for the seed around and becomes a fruit we all relish.
In the animal kingdom the sexual diversion takes place and the animals become male-female. Mating of these two is the need for progeny starting from the primitive creature cockroach, mosquito, birds, fishes, and reptiles up to the most evolved animal THE MAN. If we look at the mating of any of the lower animals starting from the cockroach to the higher animals the cow the dog the goat, in all classes and species the male is offensive and the female is defensive. One can find any time and every time male chasing female forcing himself on the female until unless gets it , where as the female shying away unless over powered to end up into a mating. To sum up, male is offensive to take a lead and female is defensive until over powered; it’s all natures’ creation and play of hormones.
It is the tale of primitiveness where as the man has undergone far and further evolution. In human it is more of a psychosomatic phenomenon, in contrast to animal, sex is private affair attached with lot of privacy, emotional, social and so many bondages. I may refer to FREUDS THEORY of development & attraction to opposite sex. In fact it’s the sex discrimination which defines the entire human relationship irrespective of the cast, colour creed, region or religion; language or legend. Traditionally a man will not feel aroused to his mother, sister, or any of the blood relation or other wise to whomever he is sentimentally and emotionally attached and vice versa . Same is the social scenario where some social norms have to be followed one can’t be looming around anybody and everybody. One who is inclined to that gets instant pointed out and the society or the law takes care of the person. The sex is a psychosomatic phenomenon, a feeling towards a person husband–wife, a friend girl/boy, or anybody for that matter individually and socially acceptable inclusive of the commercial sex commuters. The pre-marital, extra-marital relationship is also way of acceptance. The sex is a different emotional feeling with different person. The pleasure part is also an affiliated phenomenon in the entire process rather it would be wrong to look at it in isolation. At all above eventualities it is men who are in lead but the women at times may also be the cause factor. The women, whatever way are the point of attraction for men of all ages. The differences of love and lust needs to be identified get and glue or get and go are two part of the same story. The sex, love or lust is the end part of the story between a male and a female, but one is socially acceptable and the other is always in question.
The sex among human is also a way of expression since the time immemorial around the globe. The best part of this expression revolve around long affairs and end up in physical relationship may be between loved and beloved, husband and wife and so on , It is by and large in agreement between the two sexes. The ugly side of the expression is seen with lots of violence, it can be co-related with an expression of victory, revenge-avenge, hatred or a show of might. Everywhere sexual assault on a woman has been the end part. You may trace back across barbarian days to the latest human history of war. Everywhere women along with other wealth were taken as the war booty. The rapes of the local women have always been an associated feature round the globe (by any chance I don’t contribute to the barbaric act). Though, with the present approaches of various organisations it is being looked down. Often women are victim of the feeling of hatred or revenge for defeat, rivalry between the rival groups and families.
Another significant part, where women are victim of the organised / unorganised, Solo/ group crime against women that may be result of an ill psyche, anti social group or people, where a women falls a victim of circumstances, planned and organised targeted assault this is all criminal activity. Whatever at the end of the day the crime is a crime and is an anti social activity must be curbed down.
The DRESS CODE has always been the sour point, whenever talked about raises brows. A gentleman is expected to be dressed in suits; combinations, shirt-pant, kurta pyjama etc half shirts and T-shirts are also accepted at times in gentleman’s attires. However a man in shorts and sleeveless banians has always been irking society other than play grounds. A dressing up sense in any society in the world has set norms both for male and female, anything below invites pointing fingers. In our Indian back drop, irrespective of the cast colour religion or region, body exposure beyond certain limit, though pleasant to some eyes but by and large has been undesirable. The short, exposing or even tight fit garments prominently shaping the female body out is considered erotic, provocative even inviting criminals. The contributing factors may be climatic, low education, low IQ, backward cultural out look towards women but still the erotic exposure of female body accounts for crime against women to quite an extent. It may be cut down by a good and suitable dressing sense suitable to environment , situation ,occasion etc. It, in contrast to the European and the western culture, which we have followed under the garb of modernisation or say development. No dress code should or could be laid down but it must be a self restrain to suit the need of the hour in view of the rising crime against women.
KIE Industry. Meaning-“knowledge – Information - Entertainment”. It may sound incorrect to call it industry, correctly it should be knowledge-entertainment-information bank but because these noble functionaries have by and large lost their credibility. The knowledge in good days was from subject oriented books and the Noble professionally dedicated teachers. The same has largely shifted to enormous quantum but unguided freely accessible internet lot. The information technology is though blessing of the science but what to do if the same is in the hand of the “Bhasmasurs” who don’t know how to make good use of it. Immature teen agers having free access to internet under the garb of study and projects unguarded by parents/ teachers fall prey to temptations of obscene material that pollutes immature minds. The net result is an accountable rate of juvenile age criminals committing adult sex crimes. I don’t mind confessing, during our schooling or college days laying hand on such material was beyond thoughts, even after joining army, in high snow clad mountains in family separations laying hand on it was a hush-hush affair, where as now a lot of material on streets wanders CDs and all is available. The internet you don’t have to make much of effort, just go to a search engine, type just a symbolic word ”sex” or something similar a big list of web sites will appear all relating from literal ,scientific to all possible xxx material. Its natural an immature mind will first get attracted to what is not otherwise available and there is the hell. I don’t mind mentioning my own experiment. Once searching something otherwise I landed on a web site. I explored it; I couldn’t resist second time third time and many a times. A stage came when every face meant me only one thing with only one object. I understood thoroughly, if it could pollute my mind in late sixties, the impact on a sixteen years mind could be well under stood. Coming down to entertainment industry, what is being served on the silver screen and at home on the small screen in the garb of public demand is no secret. Starting from double meaning dialogues , valour symbolisation/ kisses erotic postures and all body exposures barring a few inches of skin(may be due to censor scare) everything is there on plate and Plato, at times its so embracing with children on their queries. It all needs a review by people in the FIRST ROW OF CONCERN.
There have been strong demands, views and versions regarding dealing with culprits/criminals. Looking at public fumes Govt brought in a separate and so called stringent law to deal with such people despite the fact there were enough of laws but what is missing is the will to implement the laws. There have been demands for immediate capital punishment by the infuriated people of the country. Some corners demanded chemical or surgical castration, some demanded public execution etc. It’s all correct but it has lot many angle, one thing I agree, these people must be dealt with ruthlessly with exemplary punishments. Capital punishment is though a right punishment for rape and murder irrespective of the age of the victim or the criminal but a due trial must be undertaken to disallow misuse of the provision. Sure, these less humane don’t deserve human consideration. The surgical /chemical castration, though sounds ok from the social and emotional angle, but not with the scientific angle. The rape is definitely an act by emotionally/ mentally/socially sick person added with provocation or criminal bent of mind .The castration will though incapacitate the person to perform the rape by sexual act but looking at it with psychological or psychiatric angle, the physical incapacity will add on with a hatred and cruelty towards the victim. The aim is to prevent the crime and protect the target population. We instead will not be punishing the rape criminals rather will be risking the innocent target population at the hands of these psychopaths. The public execution/mob handling of the culprit is barbarian law not repeat not permissible by any chance in the civilised society today. The only ray of hope in the entire dark is the judiciary. The public unfortunately is losing faith in the dispensation of justice “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED’. Unfortunately in our country the legal proceedings are so complicated, tedious and time consuming, the victim may not be physically but dies of mental, financial harassments and social stigmas, where as the culprit gets all liberties and time to temper with evidences even further harass and threaten the victim. The fair and fast justice seems the only remedy.
The policing also needs a word here. In the entire scenario above, its role appears after the crime is done to nab the culprit and bring him to books. I feel as responsible part of the society and the system it must play its role in prevention of the crime by keeping eyes and ears open with concern identifying the social evils/known culprits and giving due shelters to victims and soft targets of the society who need help and protection before the crime is done. The apathy at the hand of the police and administration is also a factor that needs a mention here. Insensitive and care less officials need identified and dealt with by the senior administration.
Concluding the entire though process, in the present scenario of crime against women in the country, cracking down all the fire on police, politicians or administration alone may never help the situation. We can’t expect a police man on every citizen while expecting from police and administration we must also be alert and ready for self help and help others. Every individual as part of the society has to rethink and redefine its own role including the women folk should start with self restrain, self discipline and introspection of the so called women liberation scenario for self helps. The need is to create awareness and respect for women as the basic attitudinal reform. The society as one show needs to join to improve the though process, lookout and work for better tomorrow. The social reform is, though a slow but is the sure answer of the problem.
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