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LOVE you

I love it when you laugh
I love you when you cry
I also love all those times in between
when tears glaze your eyes
and a smile lights up your face.

I love it when you shout
I love you when you whisper
I also love those silent moments
when your eyes speak to me
defying your sealed lips.

I love it if you are calm
I love you even when you're irate
I also love those rare toturous days
when it seems
your only mission is to irritate.

I love when you miss me
I love having you close
I also sometimes love those distances, scare me
you might just forget me
but you always come back.

I love hearing you say "I love you"
I love saying "me too"
But more than anything else
I always always always
Love you cause you are you.

~ by Neha Gupta

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Neha Gupta


Haryana ,  INDIA


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