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Amitabh shrivastava in Indian delegation comprising 33 young scientists ...

New Delhi: Three hundred students from across the world, including India, are converging in Jerusalem this week for the sixth Asian Science Camp to be held there from August 26 to 30.

India will have the third largest delegation comprising 33 young scientists from across the country. Rajiv Kumar of Ministry of Science and Technology is heading the delegation.Amitabh shrivastava who is associated with bloggers park and student of 2nr yr B S at IISC Banglore is amoung the in Indian delegation .

Israel with 35 and China with 34 students are the only two countries with more participants than India.

In all, 300 young male and female scientists, aged 17-21, from over 20 delegations have arrive in Israel from across Asia and the Pacific.

"The 2012 ASC in Israel will be the largest one held thus far in terms of the number of participants," Rafael Barak, the director general of hte Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Menahem Ben-Sasson, President of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which is hosting the science camp said, "Hosting the ASC constitutes a wonderful opportunity to enhance Israel's leading role in the fields of academia and science as well as creating ties with young people who are destined to lead scientific research in their countries and to link them with Israel academia."

Nobel laureates will interact with the students and deliver lectures at the ASC. India hosted the third edition of ASC in 2010 at Mumbai .

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