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Women's Wisdom Is Her Strength

Woman -- an institution by itself ,
Half of the Human race ,
The prettier part of Earth's face.
The Creator, the magician who brings life,
The protector , for her brood she'll ever fight .
The tender sister , the adorable daughter,
The smiling ' home-maker' spreading sunshine bright.

Woman--a tower of strength,
May look so tiny and fragile,
But always there helping her mate.
great Kings are crowned and glorified,
But the ultimate RULER, is the queen delicate.
The hand that rocks the cradle , rules the world ,
High time for men to remember this proverb !

Woman--she is Modesty personified,
Always giving , quietly striving ,
Sacrificing her own needs and wants,
An save her family from any storm !
Gladly for her kin , she would lay her life,
For their happiness , she'll forever strive!

Woman -a shimmering prism of talent,
Yes , she can reach the moon , climb the Everest,
But in her kitchen , she'll come with her delicious best !
She huffs and puffs , in jobs and offices,
Multi-tasking happily , without compromises !
But if her kid needs her , she'll fly with wings,
Kissing away tears, smiles she brings !

On 'Women's Day' -what more can I say ?
Just treat us with love and respect , I pray !
Husbands , Fathers , Sons, Brothers,
Love us , forgive our shortcomings,
And treat us as EQUALS !

Dr Rashmi Kumar

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Dr.Rashmi Salil Kumar


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I am a Doctor by profession, an ENT surgeon , who loves writing  articles, painting , poetry-writing ,reading, dancing and love Nature.My husband , an Ophthalmologist Dr Salil Kumar always encourages me in my artistic endeavours. I have two delightful children - daughter Anshima and son Ankit..Both my kids have recently left my 'Nest" to fly off to their own lives.

Writing and painting are what give me immense pleasure....and they , infact make me a better doctor too !My articles and poems have been published off and on....Now I`m becoming a more serious Writer ; and it`s a pleasure to share my views ! I`m soon coming up with a book on my poems.on the sweet request of my dear hubby . 

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