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Sometimes --
You're searching for what,
You yourself don't know,
A hunger gnashing your insides,
Quivering , every drop of blood on boil .
You know you've to break the chains,
Hazy-mazy webs blinding your 'aims'.
But you can't swim , can't fly , know not,
What's stifling you , holding you in tight knots.
Breathing is ragged , each heart-beat jagged,
You perspire , you shiver like a tender leaf,
Trembling helplessly at the edge of a cliff.
Tears sting but adamantly refuse to fall,
Choking you within by their incessant toll.
And a cry , from the very bottom of your soul,
Wakes you with a jerk , from your dark , deep hole.
O' ! was it just a dream ?--are you even alive?
Or is this just another trick , another jibe?
Breathing tremulously like a scared child,
Your lids quiver , then open wide--
Yes - you're in this world , the same old world,
But you can again pretend, that a new dawn will unfold .

Dr Rashmi kumar

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Dr.Rashmi Salil Kumar


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I am a Doctor by profession, an ENT surgeon , who loves writing  articles, painting , poetry-writing ,reading, dancing and love Nature.My husband , an Ophthalmologist Dr Salil Kumar always encourages me in my artistic endeavours. I have two delightful children - daughter Anshima and son Ankit..Both my kids have recently left my 'Nest" to fly off to their own lives.

Writing and painting are what give me immense pleasure....and they , infact make me a better doctor too !My articles and poems have been published off and on....Now I`m becoming a more serious Writer ; and it`s a pleasure to share my views ! I`m soon coming up with a book on my poems.on the sweet request of my dear hubby . 

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