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One Laptop per Child: Offers 100 Digital books free

Our goal is to offer the most technologically advanced laptop that has more features than any at zero price to all children of the world!

Well, that does not come at zero cost. Everything that involves a moment of labour and material cannot be produced at zero cost.

But it can be offered at zero price! And that can happen by aggregating value and keeping the costs as low as possible.

So we have taken a couple of initiatives that may make it easier for the decision makers to bridge the gap between the laptops and the children who need it.

We got a 3 million digital books grant that we have decided to offer free of cost to all children accessing OLPC XO. Effectively, just 100 digital books on the laptops will more than pay the price of the laptop.

Secondly, we have doubled the speed, memory and increase the storage 4 times so that its even more attractive for the high school students.

Moreover, as a Chief Minister suggested, just the fact that a desktop consumes more than Rs 15000 in electricity while OLPC consumes less than Rs 200 and its total cost is Rs 15000 including maintenance and power etc makes it virtually free in 5 years.

These are the points that have helped Uruguay achieve 100% saturation in its schools. Peru is already on that path and Rwanda is fast approaching saturation.

35 countries have made it their education strategy and I hope other states in India follow the four that have taken the lead.

Please spread the word!

Trust all well!!

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Satish Jha


Delhi ,  INDIA

Satish Jha is the chairman of OLPC India Foundation that runs One Laptop per Child program in India. He is a writer, editor, corporate executive, social entrepreneur and enjoys working on initiatives that transform the environment they address. He grew up in Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi and Agra and later moved to New Delhi to study economics at JNU. While in Varanasi he came in contact with Chandrashekhar and Jaya Prakash Narayan and that greatly influenced his future. Soon after his studies at JNU, courtesy Ila Bhatt of Sewa, he was introduced to L C Jain and joined him to support initiative that could help develop rural India. That was followed up with a stint at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi where he lead a study for teh Home Ministry for Lac Support Price and Export Promotion Policy. That was followed with a stint at the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad where he reported to R K Pachauri (later of TERI) and helped create the first Operations and Management System for the Power Department at the Govt of India. Subsequently he was invited as a senior research Editor of the Financial Express and later co-founded the Hindi daily Janasatta for the Indian Express Group. That was followed by the Editorship of Dinamaan, one of the most prestigious newsweeklies of its times. His wife founded the Polio Plus program (now Pulse Polio) and that led to her joining WHO in Geneva. That helped him start a fresh chapter of his life in the corporate world and he was appointed the head of worldwide information system for a division of Roche, a pharmaceutical major. That was succeeded by founding James Martin & Co in India and supporting a number of social initiatives with technologies in India, including, Drishtee, eHealthcare and Digital Partners among them. He started Baramati Initiatives along with Sharad Pawar and that has continued to be a centrepoint of social entrepreneurship with technology ever since. He is a co-founder of TiE Pune and has been a member of the Board at TiE-DC Special Adviser at CEO of a Fortune 100 Company,President at JM Consulting LLC Special Adviser at Kofi Annan Center Chairman- India at Digital Partners, Past Consultant, Program and Project Management, Performance Management at Caremark,Member, Advisory Board at Perot Systems TS Inc,Adviser at Development Gateway,Managing Director, President & CEO at James Martin & Co Adviser at Development Gateway Foundation,Co-Founder at ibilt technologies,Vice President and Head of Healthcare Practice at HCL America Country Manager for India at Meta Group Inc,Head, Global Information Systems-at Roche (Hoffmann-La Roche AG) Editor- Dinamaan at The Times of India Hubert Humphrey Fellow at The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Ford Fellow at the University of Maryland, the Netherlands Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, France Telecom Fellow at Theseus/ EDHEC

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