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A beautiful reality which cannot be changed.

Oh "lover" i don't need your loyalty to be justified,
your care and affection has completely made me satisfied,
Just never say that our love is beyond the world's beauty
As the heavenly touch of my parents has already innerly glorified.

You says that you will make my life bed of rose,
The luxury will be all mine for anything i choose,
But dear you should know that I have never faced the thorn yet
Because before it hurts me my parents compells it to lose.

If I am a rain, they are my cloud
If I am alone, they are my crowd
If I am a season, they are my spring
A beautiful poem of yours and their rhyme.

My love you can happily hold my hand,
when all the limitations will be banned,
When my "life" will allow me to live with my "love"
Only then I will believe that we are together in this land.

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Mahwish Khan


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA


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