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The sun rose promptly,spreading rays far and wide.Another new day and much to accomplish.All of us are so focussed in our flight to greater heights, professionally and personally.We also pass on these traits to our children.Its a competitive world and not a minute could be wasted.
The little time, that we could grab out of this race, is spent on watching reality shows or news channels.A few rapes here and there,honour killing,drunken driving that mauls poor people,high level corruption,match fixing,forecasts,astrology,medical news,political swings,accidents on road,sea or sky,the great escapes from jails,food joint,waywardness of the so called name it and you get the detailed report with visuals...... now criminal practises have touched alarmimg levels that its not advisable to watch the same with children around.....some visuals are so repeatedly shown that it will get imprinted in our minds,which will do no good but rather harm the thinking of young growing children.
As i was switching channels yesterday,the news of the demise of Colonel Neeraj Sood grabbed my attention.Another martyr,a beloved son of the soil sacrifices his life in the valleys.The news lasted all for a few minutes.
Indian Army officer, Colonel Neeraj Sood, who was killed in an encounter with militants in Kashmir on Tuesday night, cremated with full military honours here on Thursday.Acting on a tip-off, a squad of 18 Rashtriya Rifles (RR) headed by Colonel Sood conducted a search operation in the Kupwara region.During the ensuing gun battle, Colonel Sood sustained a gunshot wound on his head and succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.He would be remembered for his courage, dedication, honesty and integrity.
The news was shown just once and i wonder how many would have seen it.After all, the channels had many more spicy news to show.The media has far reaching effects and shouldnt it take up the responsibilty of giving the right news at the right time?Was Colonels death just a time pass news? Infact, iam yet to see the news in the paper today.Arent we sitting pretty at home cause of such rare valour and courage shown by our army officers?Shouldnt such news be repeatedly shown, throughout the day, to kindle the sleeping nerves of the young ?This news should have been printed in bold letters in the front page along with colonel soodjis photo.He should have been the hero of the day..Its an irony that we care more for the actors on the silver screen than for those who really act on the field. How many schools today have spoken about this brave soul?We have lost so many of them
Lt Saurabh Kalia was the first martyr in Kargil War.
Lt. Colonel Vishwanathan,Lt. Colonel Vijayraghavan ,Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia ,Major Padmaphani Acharya , Major Kamlesh Pathak , Lt. Colonel Sachin Kumar Kanderiya ,Major Mariappan Saravanan ,Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari,Major
Manoj Talwar , Major Harminder Pal Singh ,Havaldar Baldev Raj, Havaldar Mani Ram,Naik Raj Kumar Punia, Rifleman Sanjay Kumar,Grenadier Manohar Singh,Subedar Bhanwar Singh Rathod,Major J S Suri,Major sandeep unnikrishnan and the list goes on and on..............Do we remeber these heroes and do we ever speak about them to our children?
According to me,schools should take up such subject matters seriously and some training should compulsorily be included in the syllabus.we need to have overall, complete, total development of the mind and body.Engineers,doctors,architects,musicians,actors,sportsmen and all others from every other field should first possess a feeling of patriotism and try to do something for their motherland selflessly.
We are engrossed in amassing wealth and property to be passed on, so that children live comfortably in future but the question is where will they live peacefully,all secured?Arent we churning out cowards and self centerd children to the society?As educated senior citizens of the society are we delivering our duties correctly?we should remember this character of our jawans.......


Let us all make a conscious effort from today,rather from now to work for a better tomorrow.................for a safer tomorrow,in our own small way..........

Bharat mata ki jay

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Iam a house wife and my husband and two children always manage to keep me on my toes.

i try to learn a lot by watching the behaviour of others....the variety that god has created is so alarming and captivating......

i love music and it does help me complete  my daily house hold chores efficiently.....

i believe that we ought to think what we can offer to the society from where we get so much,to make it a better place to live in.......
hari om

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