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Expect more from yourself than from others

Death is so powerful that it leaves everyone speechless and helpless. Till the very last moment we never realise that the game is going to end and that u don’t have a second chance to redo things..if lucky we may get some time before the curtains are drawn..what do we do at that moment?Regret that we could have done so much more in life for ourself and for others,our near and dear ones.why not think about it now when we are alive and kicking the bucket hard?
I just dreamt that tomorrow would be my last day…….have just this one day left……………….what would i do????? hug my children tight like never before and tell them that iam with them always………….[i cld have done that before and saved a lot of turmoil for them and myself] eyes search for my husband….have to thank him for all those wonderful moments……dress up and wait for him with a smile ……those fights could be ignored and deleted[this act enacted earlier could have sorted out many ego hassles] call out to all dear ones and tell them that i love them a lot ,even speak to those oldies who always waited to speak ,call friends and spread cheer and good wishes sincerely,try to help anyone in need without hesitation cause i know i will not be allowed to carry anything to the other world…………,every person coming home today is treated so warmly even the maid and the driver,…….my voice never so soft and humble, never more giving and enjoying at the same time………………listen to my favourite songs by lata and rafi,clean the house like never before, , prepare the last supper with great care and lots of love…serve personally ,pray and feel truly devoted to god and for once ask well being of all my dear ones and nothing for myself.
iam busy till that last moment when I need to leave…………what do I carry?a smiling heart and satisfaction of having done something good while living……………….. Suddenly my eyes opened and I was fit and fine with my family and realized how valuable these moments are when we are blessed to see another day break.……promised myself to start a new inning fresh,pure and full of love.To conclude I would only endorse this statement:
"We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given life. And it's up to you to make it good or bad." - Ward Foley

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Anuradha Ayyar

Home Maker/Housewife

Karnataka ,  INDIA

Iam a house wife and my husband and two children always manage to keep me on my toes.

i try to learn a lot by watching the behaviour of others....the variety that god has created is so alarming and captivating......

i love music and it does help me complete  my daily house hold chores efficiently.....

i believe that we ought to think what we can offer to the society from where we get so much,to make it a better place to live in.......
hari om

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