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jago sonewalo jago

My child was to start schooling and I was looking out for a safe travel medium.It was a pleasure to watch an auto which ferried many chirpy students to school.They were like colourful butterflies,fresh and in high spirits,all ready to make a grand flight in to the outside world……..

Suddenly ,as I watched I realized that the auto ws tilting to one side.That was because there were just too many children inside.It was a highly suicidal ride. There was a signal nearby and a smart young policeman stood there to safeguard the society.I was positive that the police man,would act dutifully and would hold the driver by his neck and punish him. But to my surprise,at the signal, the auto driver sent one of the students with some cash to the police man,who was standing vigil on the other side of the road......The police man and the auto driver waved to each other with a broad smile and the auto went on, on its dangerous ride...........
Smileys everywhere…..The driver ,policeman happy and the student also beaming happily.Afterall he had crossed the busy road by himself and passed on the cash to policeman and that too without any fear........ done a big responsible job....The other children were used to this routine and so were busy chatting away to glory......

.I just stood there gaping with my eyes and mouth wide open.What lessons are we imparting to our children?Is this what the future citizens ought to understand…… paisa feko tamasha dekho..?????Where are we taking our nation to? Was deeply worried about the coming generation........We have made significant progress but all in the wrong directions……….price rise,rape,crimes,scams,violence,protests,dowry harrassment,suicides, family fights,honour killings,pollution,poverty,old age homes,immoral activites, corruption at every step…… name it and you have it here………

yes, corruption runs free in our country.........from my side I decided to ensure that my child will never be a part of a damaging ride of any kind………..harming the attitude and the life itself…….i would rather walk it out with my child.Spend some more quantitative time with him and instill some moral qualities in his little brain so that he becomes a conscious useful citizen of our country.
We talk so much of leaving a better planet to our children but we forget we ought to leave better children to this planet.

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Anuradha Ayyar

Home Maker/Housewife

Karnataka ,  INDIA

Iam a house wife and my husband and two children always manage to keep me on my toes.

i try to learn a lot by watching the behaviour of others....the variety that god has created is so alarming and captivating......

i love music and it does help me complete  my daily house hold chores efficiently.....

i believe that we ought to think what we can offer to the society from where we get so much,to make it a better place to live in.......
hari om

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