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jhumka gira rey

Jhumka gira rey……………

This event, dates back to the time, when my daughter was just two.She was bubbly,chubby and a very attractive child[that’s a proud mother speaking and everytime I comment so, my mother corrects me and tells a saying in Tamil “kakeykku tan kunju pon kunju”to mean that even a crow will find her child the best……..]

To get back to the story…ours was a joint family with in laws and cousins.We had just moved into an apartment wherein the construction was still going on.There was a lot of sand piled up in the ground.The children enjoyed playing there .Very often the men in the house would take the children down to play so that we women could prepare some delicacies for them.
Once, as the little one was playing, her cute little jhumka fell and no one realized it.I was very disturbed cause it was made of gold and a gift from my mother.I always treassured the things given by my parents Cause I understood the pain and efforts that has gone into making it.My in laws were also perturbed and we were all there down on a treasure hunt.The children were but totally oblivious to the happenings and were only too happy to role on the sand again.

Almost an hour had passed , tired and exhausted,we made a retreat back home,failed and disappointed.suddenly we heard the screams of the children.One of them had found the jhumka .we were thrilled and then began the actual drama.

The family members while searching, were all totally united, in praying silently, in their own way….bribing god ……..501 RS,250 RS,a visit to the temple,a gift offering to a poor child, Prasad distribution at the temple and mine was the costliest, a full thousand rupees.All this only if god gives back the jhumka…………

My husband and brother in law,the financiers of the family, were taken by a jolt and felt the whole exercise of searching the jhumka totally futile.The offerings had turned out to be more costlier than the cost of the jhumka itself.
A small argument ensued which culminated later into a hearty laugh ………..The jhumkas adorned my daughters ears once again and I was very thankful to god cause the value of the jhumka was much more than the literal cost calculated.

some emotions cannot be calculated,all values cannot be estimated,right???Now, iam waiting eagerly to gift those jhumkas to my grand child......


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Iam a house wife and my husband and two children always manage to keep me on my toes.

i try to learn a lot by watching the behaviour of others....the variety that god has created is so alarming and captivating......

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i believe that we ought to think what we can offer to the society from where we get so much,to make it a better place to live in.......
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