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Why, for a Class of Bribes, the Act of Giving a Bribe should be Treated as Legal

I would like all the bloggers to view and comment about the Working Paper recently published by the Ministry of Finance,Government of India

This paper puts forward a small but fairly radical idea about the control of one kind of corruption, namely, bribery by legalizing the act of giving a bribe.

The author believes.. giving a bribe for a legitimate act like getting a PF account settled, getting duplicate copies of legal documents, getting legitimate approvals is a compulsion in most cases, due to the taker insisting on it to expedite your work.
What you think ..The Paper ..if moved ahead would curb corruption??

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Pravir Krishak


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Pravir Krishak is an Entrepreneur with experience of over one decade on Internet Technologies. He is an IT & Internet consultant and the founder & CEO of C-Net Infotech P Ltd (A leading IT solution provider company in central India).He founded Internet consultancy setup in 1996 when Internet was less than a year old in India. He is a Gold Medalist Engg Graduate & M.Tech ( Digital Communication) from MANIT Bhopal (INDIA).Pravir Krishak is also co-founder and CEO of .He is also Editior-in-chief of world's first 'Blogazine'(Blog Magazine) -Bloggers Park.

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