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e-governance 'tantra'

Will shoemaker’s son finally have pair of shoes? The idiom couldn’t apply better but in the context of India & its IT prowess. Since last 20-30 years top Indian brains are working for countries like US & UK and helping them in making their processes & systems more efficient.Indian Government too lately has awakened to leverage IT to improve its systems and practices and have a ‘feel-good’ factor of ‘transparent systems’

But unfortunately, for the past many years thousands of crores rupees of hard earned public money has been wasted by Government of India and state governments in the name of e-governance in India. The bitter truth is that e-governance in India is a great failure
One can look at lack of expertise, absence of political insight, absence of transparency and accountability, corruption, bureaucratic red tappism, etc as the real causes of failure of e-governance in India. But in my opinion the most important reason for e-governance failures in India pertains to the manner in which e-governance projects are allotted and handled by both government and private players.

The procurement practices of e-governance services in most of the Indian states including GOI is “Faulty” as it is based upon the reputation of the companies involved rather than their “Expertise”.A company may be generally good in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related issues but it may not be so regarding implementing and handholding aspect of e-governance.

A question that we must ask to the GOI is whether size/reputation of a company is important or its expertise. Also can we ever come out of the mindset of western perception of quality & jargon of CMMi Levels?

I believe ,now is the time that procurement practices of GOI should promote companies who understand grass root realities and can deliver in testing conditions which ubiquitously exists due to mindset & other ‘C’ factors.

But question is who will bell the ‘cat’ (read foreign financial institutions and their high and mighty consultants)?As most of our policies are being guided (or dictated) by them.

We often see the poor performance of India in terms of e-governance, e-readiness, etc in studies conducted by institutions like United Nations (UN) but surprisingly we never see them questioning GOI for the poor performance that never justify the grants or more often loans.
It is surprising why any questions have not been asked by granters of foreign financial assistance like World Bank, ADB, UNDP, etc?

East India Company(ies) ver 2.0.10 ?????

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