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Doomsday Prophesies

9 pm ..You are back after putting in hard day’s work
and switch on your TV sets to catch up with how the world around you has changed when you were at work…but what you most often see a shocking but regular descends of starry-eyed protagonists of doom on every other channel including India’s best(read fast ) channels and what you get to hear in highly accentuated.. eerie voice-overs

Kya Hoga Mahavinash? …2012 main
Kya Dharti ko nigal jayenge Black Hole?
Kya mahamachine se hoga mahavinash?
Kya suraj nigal jayega dharti ko..?

All this supported by visuals …good(?) enough to put Emmerichs & Spielbergs of the world to a shame.

Thanks to Mayan Calendar ….LHC experiment.., freaky weather patterns, … global warming…warm astrologers …..their mouth-watering TRP booty is here to stay

But aren’t they are spreading fear psychosis in an extremely reprehensible manner?
We all know that Impact of such ‘rumorous news’ coverage/onslaught is much more intensive with kids, semi-literate and rural population and can inflict serious psychological injury and can lead to deterioration of mental stability. It surely also affects productivity which has a negative affect on the development of the society/country.
Most unfortunate part is that all this is being gleamed across living room by ‘responsible’ media houses.24*7, you will find these channels preaching politicians, bureaucrats how to govern.. sportsmen how to play, ..aam-public how to behave or even sleep. You can also invariably find them in role of school headmasters snubbing poor politicians like kids in so- called debates/discussions on issues of national importance every day.
Why can’t they be booked under section 505(1)(b) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for the offence of spreading rumors (Statements conducing public mischief with intent to cause, or which is likely to cause, fear or alarm to the public). The offence is punishable up to three years in jail.
Who will act?.. Who can bell the monstrous media(electronic) cat? Politicians can not dare.. aam way.
Is this kind of doomsday publicity commercially affect any community?.. they surely can take it up at appropraite forums..are real-state companies listening?:-)

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