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Let Go.

Stop chasing him he's gone and he's not coming back. If he left you he doesn't deserve you,he's not worth it. Stop blaming yourself,stop thinking that you are not good enough cause you are and you always were better than him.

When your eyes met his,his eyes did not have the same affection and love that your eyes did,though you felt a pinch of pain in your heart you kept quite,and good that you did because he was not worth the time and effort.

It was him who could not see the beauty in you,it was he who lacked the capacity, not you! So stop letting him hurt you ,stop caring cause he can hurt you only till you care. Let go....let him be,you are better without him. Stop looking back,stop staring at something that is not worth being noticed.

Move ahead, look ahead and keep your eyes open for..there's certainly someone out there who can see the beauty in you,who is worth being noticed ,who is worth your time and love,and for that someone you mean the world.

-Aishwarya Singh

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