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I am a GIRL.

A Tuesday night,8:35 pm in the year of 1999....a deep and painful cry, heard in the maternity ward of the hospital.A child was born ,you would think that the surroundings would be rejoicing but the actual scenario was quite different from your perception,there was silence after that cry of the mother,no sound of joy but the gloomy silence had clouded the entire surroundings .For the child was a girl and that was her only sin.

The mother lay on the bed with no sign of joy on her face though she had,a few moments ago given birth to most beautiful child for she had given birth to a girl.She considered giving birth to a girl as a sin."had she forgotten that she herself was a women a girl, did she not know the worth a of female, did she have no feelings of motherhood, did her conscience not prick her when she did not rejoice and love her baby girl , was she not like any other women, I wonder". She turned towards the door of her room on hearing foot steps ,it was her husband. He had a stern face and a fierce look on his face when he walked in, he came towards her wife who was now shivering with fear,he stood there next to the bed for a moment or two and then SLAPPED! the mother. "what crime had she committed?,why was she being punished?,..I do not know."

She cried, she pleaded before him to forgive her for giving to a girl. He was ruthless, he regardless of her just then giving birth to his child beat her up into a pulp. His last words to her that night were,' you are a whore for I can never be a father to a girl,you are a worthless female and are good for nothing.' She was hurt physically and mentally . The scars on her heart were much painful than the bruises on her body. Though she had done nothing wrong,she suffered the punishment and did not speak a word."had she no voice?,had she no rights?,why was she being treated in a servile manner?, was she an object to be used and thrown?if not why was she treated like one?.....I wonder.".

He then walked towards the baby girl,looked at her wide and bright eyes with merciless eyes,heard her cheerful innocent laughter with an evil grin on his face. He lifted her up walked towards the window and ..........................dropped the baby girl from the 8th floor of the hospital. The child died, her life ended before it began.

The mother witnessed this brutal sin but with closed eyes.The case was registered to be an accident in the police station. The father, the murder is till date breathing the air of freedom and happiness without the slightest regret of his doing. The mother is till date subjugated and remains enclosed inside four walls but a change did occur in her life , she became a third wheel for her husband married another woman the very next day his daughter died.

Was being a girl the child's mistake? Why did her life end by her own father's hands?Why did she suffer such a brutal fate?

Why are girls considered to be a sin?, why are girls not respected?,why are girls treated in a servile manne?r,why do only girls have to follow all the rituals...all the rules and regulations?,why are only the girls blamed? even for the mistaked committed by men, why are the girls subjugated ,why don't women have rights?,why don't we women have a say in the day to day life?

Today we girls are no less than the boys in fact we in every task prove to be much better than them.There is not a single field where women don't excel. Women are today capable of..sorry more than just capable of leading an independent life.But though gender equality has been enforced everywhere,still there are areas , there are families where girls are treated to be a burden,there are still men who consider women to be just mere objects of sex, still there are men who always try and subjugate women.

The mindsets of these people must be changed,their orthodox thoughts and behaviour must be replaced by relevance.

I am a girl

I'm a girl,don't exploit my body.

I'm a girl,not a mere object of sex.

I'm a girl,not a punching bag.

I am a girl.

I'm a girl who tops my school

I'm a girl who beats up guys in the ring.

I am a girl.

I'm a girl who's a mother to a boy child.

I'm a girl who saved a life of a man during surgery.

I'm a girl who teaches hundreds of boys .

I'm a girl who cooks food for more than a million people mostly men.

I am girl

Thanks to me ! the world still survives .

-Aishwarya Singh ( I am a girl ! )

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