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Cries Of The Heart..

Sometimes I wonder why no one has ever celebrated me-like really promote and adore me.....

I always spill my soul into the people I know,the people I love, but I never receive the same love in return.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever bragged about me , you know! started stories like,"I don't know man! I guess i fond the one.." or ended stories like,"no one in her is even comparable to her", I'm always quick to wear my lovers on my sleeve-to show everyone how and why they are meant for me.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever defended me when being abused like i have defended them, always.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever prayed for me to stay like I prayed for them.

Sometimes I wonder how long till I can stop wondering and wandering for love.

-Aishwarya Singh

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Karnataka ,  INDIA


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