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Be You.

Stop apologizing. You don't have to say sorry -for the way you laugh,for the way you dress,for the way you talk. You don't have to be sorry for- how you look,how you feel. You don't have to be ashamed of your- craziness,lame jokes . You don't have to apologize for- being cute ,for being dumb (at times), being happy,being sad.

You don't have to be sorry for being yourself.

So stop being sorry. Do whatever that your doing or wanting to do fearlessly. It's time to accept;this is you and you gotta spend the rest of your life with you. So start loving everything about yourself be it -your sarcasm, your craziness,your awkwardness,your vulgarity,you weird habits,your unique sense of humor,your voice,your talents, your everything.

Just be unflinchingly,unapologetically you:P

Try it, it'll make your life so much more easier.

Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself....

-Aishwarya Singh

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