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Narendra Modi
Profession : Politician Birthday :Sep 17
Gender : Male Location : Gandhinagar , INDIA
'soul, mind,body'
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Re-elected Chief Minister Gujarat for third time with a clear majority.Born in Mehsana as Narendra Damodardas in OBC Ghanchi community. Sangh Pracharak RSS in Gujarat. Joined BJP in 1987. Chief Minister of Gujarat in October 2001 replacing Kesubhai Patel.Reelected in 2002. Milestone: Attack on Sabarmati Express at Godhra which sparked off communal riots. Famous for organisational ability and administrative handling that has led to a high level of economic progress in Gujarat.Controversial for handling of riots, in which it is alleged he sided with Hindu fanatics, especially in the carnage in Godhra.Unmarried.
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