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Shaan .
Profession : Student Birthday :Feb 15
Gender : Female Location : Bhopal , INDIA
'soul, mind,body'
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1) Shaan is a great communicator, versatile perfomer in all fields of art and culture.Dancer. 2) Academically sound and a good leader of her team, Popular among her classmates. 3) She has a flair to mingle freely without inhibitions. 4) Won the Miss Persona Award 2006 (Bhopal), Participated and won prizes in basketball. 5) Participated in social service activities, Won prizes in Cyber Olympiad. 6) Won prizes in creative writing, Won prizes in photography. 7) Participated in dramas and plays and is interested in theatre. 8) Participated in chat show and won prizes in debate. 9) Selected as one of the six best speakers from all over india at the Republic Day Competition 2006 and had a chance to brief many eminent personalities
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