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Will Crackers ban change the air quality in Delhi ?

Just saw the news that Honorable ( has to say) Hig

Peace and Justice

For quite some time, a very simple question has be

Why India was "divided"?

I am sure that people in India , Pakistan and Bang

जीवन से भयभीत हूँ

मृत्यु तो सुनिश्चित है
कब होगी
कैसी होगी <

Can religion play a constructive role in humanizing modern pluralistic societies ?

Can religion play a constructive role in h
Dear friends I have been "inactive" here for quite sometimes..please checkout my own website
been really busy and that's why no contribution from me. Hope to be regular now
I am one of the contestant for " Biker of the Year 2011" organized by Ceat and Xphp. May I expect some Vote from fellow bloggers please !!
why does " creative minds" always co -exist with empty stomach ? My BROKE status... I am relishing my creative best !
The fallen Dew drops..... on the forehead of lord sitting on the mountain,,,,,, does go down , but in the ocean !

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Profession : Public & Government Service
Birthday : Apr 07, 1970
Gender : Male
Location : New Delhi, INDIA

A solo wanderer, a biker and a photographer ! ... 

Half fed as a middle level Civil Servant with Government of Delhi 

Every thing expressed and to be expressed here is purely personal views.


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