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corruption in India

Often you will hear Indian Hindus commenting on In

save the environment

It is understood that development and destruction

Improving Bhopal

In this space I plan to collect thoughts about how
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Profession : Social Workers/Philosopher
Birthday : Sep 30, 1944
Gender : Female
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

I am an active social worker, working with various organisations including Lions Club Bhopal, All India Womens Conference, Senior Citizens Forum Bhopal and the Family Planning Association, Bhopal.

Having lived for 11 years at various locations in the UK I have come to realise that there is no place like home. I love Bhopal in-spite of its problems and would love to see more people put in effort to improve this beautiful city of lakes and brand it as a huge tourist centre as bhopal has a lot of potential in this respect.

I started my career as a lecturer in Nutrition at Nutan College Bhopal in 1970 and retired from Bhopal's Water and Land Management Institute as the Administrative Officer in 2004.

I hold a BSc and an MSc in Food and Nutrition, a Diploma in Education and am a member of the Royal Society of Health, London.

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