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good day NEER

YOU WANT TO HAVE AN I CAST. please choose some to

Light house

Standing still alone in the twilight
but pointi

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Let me see a rainbow
Arched across the stormy s

What Actually life is???

"Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity mus
Congratulations for 61 years of not knowing our own constitution....wish it could be deeply taught in schools or colleges to every stream...
A degree is worthless when a higher secondary failed born engineer can run his mind and a device with fuel of water...
I wish all the Blogger's park Joggers happy New year....Bonne ann?e
I am going to take a resolution this eve to "Not to take any kind of resolution whole year"........
Techno entertainment Blog Poems and Rhymes ~Nirvana~

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Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : May 04, 1988
Gender : Male
Location : Indore, INDIA

Learning about life...

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