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Proverbially Yours

Life would have been so serious if it was not so h

Ashraya: Growing on Earth-1

After a lot of vaccillation I am taking the plunge

Corruption Conundrum

I built up this blog after finding that commenting

बहू बेटे

जन गणना के प्रारम्भिक नतीजे आ गए हैं. लड़कियां लड़को

Auto Pilot

Fake pilots are amusing to some extent. The movie
Dear Mr Ashfaq,got this message and also sheepishly admit my ignorance of the icast. Probably you can elaborate

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Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Sep 16, 1962
Gender : -
Location : Indore, INDIA

An ex- infantry officer  settled down in a self created and self developed nest in a heavenly corner of Mhow, the Malgudi of the North. Here to share my thoughts and views on various issues through my writings and to gel with people with a flair for the same . Have  a passion for farming and trees, learning it literally on the job, morphing from a jawan to a kisan  

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