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Mr. Narendra Modi's Travel Diaries

It's not that I am a person of great political rev

Independence or Inter-dependence

We have recently celebrated our 67th Independence

FRIENDS..........not FOREVER (cont.) 4

We had now passed our 6th grade, n entered 7th.

Its not always BLUE!!!!!


Sometimes in life we fe

FRIENDS..........not FOREVER!!!!!!!!! (cont.) 3

6th grade, had begun to seek our interests n had b
Life taught me that nothing will, hurt more than goodbyes... And the saying that feelings can, be replaced by words is all lies...
You don,t have to knock the doors to get Happiness... Happiness itself comes knocking at our just have to welcome it :)
if some1 serioslys wants to be a part of ur lyf.. they will seriously make an effort to be in it....
manipulation in ur thoughts gives rise to speech... its that what decides whether ur an emotion is truly expressed or truly hidden!!
der cn b a 100s of reasons to be busy today... bt dr shud b a space wch u cn gv to urslf n mirror urslf!! its needed a lot today!!!

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Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Feb 11, 1992
Gender : Female
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

im kriti shrivastava an engineering student, pursuing electrical n electronics engineering from L.N.C.T. Bhopal.

im an optimistic person n i view the world with new n mordern perceptions!!
I'm a believer of equality n justice n value these qualitie in every aspect of life!!!
i would love to connect with people with ideas n thoughts that wud cherish me, n im sure mine will be pleasant for all out there!!!  

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