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Gender- a tag imposed by society

Pink for girl and blue for boy,
Her birth bring


I wish I could share some time with my mother,

Questions gone unanswered

It is said everything has a reason,
And nothing

The sailing ship of life

As we start the journey of life,
We learn ways

The many facets of man

Man – a sea of vivid colors,
A blend of differe
clebrated birth day with friends and had a bang on last night.....
Mountain is nt highr dan r confidence...coz it will be undr r feet, once we reach da top!! have a good day:))

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Profession : Student
Birthday : Feb 01, 1995
Gender : Female
Location : New Delhi, INDIA

Positive thinking is what I believe in....because we are what we believe.An ardent admirer of nature and a lover of literature.I live in Assam and I am a student of Ramjas college, Delhi University.I believe life is like a canvas. It looks dull and empty but if  we splash all the colours we have ,on it.... It becomes a master piece!!

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