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Dirty Politics, Wealthy Politics

I was speaking to my friend Desi WhistleBlower, दे

Corruption-free companies beget Corruption free support

While talking to a group of small family owned com
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Profession : Social Workers/Philosopher
Birthday : -
Gender : Male
Location : New Delhi, INDIA

देसी चुगलखोर, आत्मा की आवाज़, भ्रिस्टाचार का प्रहरी, Initially joined Allied Services, fedup with rat-race, he started an ngo called "Education Lighthouse" to educate students and teachers about environmental science and responsible behaviour and a small school in which he was the Principal. Soon, he was disillusioned because he had to pay bribes to get his ngo and school running and sustained on government help. Role Models-Arvind Kejriwal,HD Shourie of Common Cause, Sunita Narain of CSE. Raises public interest issues. Has links with Transparency International, India. Publisher seeks biographers for his many public-interest stories-you can be one! यदि आप कुछ गलत देखते हैं तो आप उसको देसी चुगलखोर के ब्लॉग खाते में दाल सकते

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