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A star studded sunset

Taking an internship program in a new country with

The Longing to Live

There is something I hide,
deep down in my Hear

Think Globally, Act Locally!

An ironical statement in itself, “think globally,

First Impression

If you keep thinking about what people think a

A try with the "Annihiliation of Caste"

“Caste is no doubt primarily the breath of Hin
Happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
School Reopening from tomorrow Hope everything goes well on the first day of the new class (10th) Happy to be in 10th yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Happy April fools day people Njoyyy and make some fools
now back to study and fitness routines...

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Profession : Student
Birthday : Aug 20, 1996
Gender : Male
Location : Chandigarh, INDIA

I am currently a second year student pursuing my Bachelors in Social Sciences at TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Tuljapur (Maharashtra). I am a trained dancer who has his interest in listening to music, writing, reading and exploring places. I like to interact and talk with people irrespective of common interests, liking, disliking etc.. Understanding people and getting to know them better is what makes my day.  I am keen of cultural and co-curricular activities and like to explore my abilities. I believe in doing whatever best I can in whatever I am doing. My blogs might come across as childish and amateur, but perhaps I think that is how we learn. I am a complete foodie, a travel enthusiast and passionate dancer. I am supposedly fun loving and I would love to stay like that! 

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