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A Lesson in Inner Beauty

A Lesson in Inner Beauty
After Innocence of Mus

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Sometimes I wonder, if people did all these great

This is for those who are mad to know the future

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“Calling All Writers – Travel Writing Contest!”

this is for all those person who face great challenge in life and set an example of real heroism


This world is the most dif
So glad this Army Chief's #AgeRow has finally ended. even if there existed a real gulf between the truth and the documented, just for the integrity of the position you hold alone, I would've let go of it. Wouldn't you? Well, in the end, I think this murky business was so uncalled for and really tarnished the image of the Indian Army, which rema

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Profession : Media/Journalist/Author
Birthday : Sep 24, 1985
Gender : Female
Location : Mumbai, INDIA

Fan of the written word. Ardent reader, embarrassing fan girl for authors and a in-closet writer. I live in Mumbai and have worked for many agencies and companies, doing Branding and Digital Marketing, many freelance writing assignments, including TV Shows for BBC Worldwide.  

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