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I am a GIRL : What is my PRICE???

After the Delhi Gang rape case, many have spoken a

The Questions of the Chapter

Why am i in the same page??
Why am i reading th

Tomorow is a new life

I am no Writer,and i didnt learn any kind of ornam

Betrayal and Hope

I feel so empty,
as if i have lost my soul,
going to have a hell lot of fun this weekend after a long time with my besties...!!!!!!!!!!! I M SOOOOOO EXCITED

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Profession : Student
Birthday : Aug 27, 1995
Gender : Female
Location : Barpeta, INDIA

I believe in living every second of our life. I am a little crazy, a jolly and a happy soul. I want to make as many freinds as possible and create as many memories with them as possible. I love writing(especially when i am sad). well, thats all about me!!

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