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A Suicide Story (Short Story)

A Suicide Story
It’s over now. We are talking

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Reading SMS

Sms’ are really strange, especially when you are r

बस यूँ ही

प्यार का वो अहसास मुझे है अब भी याद,
जब तुमने ह

All We achieved is in-dependence...

Are we independent? Really?
Or we are 'in depen
Love is not when You see someone and find them beautiful, Love is when whatever you see, You find it beautiful :)
Writing brings a love towards Solitude or may be Love towards Solitude is the reason of writing,,,
got my first ever article published on Blogger's park's November 2010 edition :) Thanks Blogger's Park to give me a recognition :)

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Profession : Student
Birthday : Dec 16, 1988
Gender : Male
Location : Jabalpur, INDIA

I started blogging last year in 2009
I maintain a few blogs
but two are major

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