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Proverbial Phoenix of Sorts

Somewhere in her was a screech, all pent up to squ

Pursuit into the Microcosm - My Mind

As I open my eyes and close their physical periphe

Only Oasis I Love, to Believe

Through the curtains of smoke, I caught his expres

Journey of Hope To Just be.

The roof above me ceases and I see the emergence o

The Unpardonable Pervert - A Soliloquy

In the loudness of silence and the fortitude of lo
Thanks Blogger's Park for sending the February issue. I received it a week back. Regards Radhika
I did not receive Bloggers Park for the January month, how about others? I mailed them, but no response :( !!
An uncanny deep desire awoke oblivion of any possibility or veracity Yet so possible in the seamless subconscious inviting me for that coveted plunge To thread the odyssey of childhood holding the fragile light of innocence Amidst brooding bats, amidst blustery winds, amidst creatures and inhuman beings Clasping strongly to the unseen verve ev
Coffee, conversation and confessions! hi all, happy blogging!
Hi all, Testing the i-cast thing , have a great day !

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Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Jan 01, 2014
Gender : Female
Location : Hyderabad, INDIA

For you: Unleash yourself, cleanse yourself and this is better done after you transport yourself and dance in unison with the harmonic tunes of your creative prowess.
 As a kid, the first thing that came to my mind after  I woke up was to write, express and explore...myself, my mind and its supreme captain, my soul.

Li'l about me: Research fascinates me so much so that I it has become the nucleus of my career, informal research about vagaries of human behavior :) will go as long as my cognitive processes cease to operate, let them go on. Touch wood !! :)

Sorry about the Bday info, it bugged me and I 'bug'ged it !!

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