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Aham Brahmasmi ....truly indian

Uncivilized Indian ....meri marzi , the very topic

जन्म ,ख़ुशी या गम

एक नन्ही सी जान
जन्म लेती है , नौ महीने

जीवन का प्रमाण

मानव का शरीर
बस एकमात्र प्रमाण है
जीवन के सत


समय का चक्र
अग्रसर, निरन्तर
अनादि , अनन्त

flights of fancy

Sitting by the window
On a jet plane
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  • thats me
    thats me
  • thats me
    thats me


Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Mar 18, 1959
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

On a sabbatical , hoping to extend it into a career shift towards academics after almost 27 years of corporate life .Has held many important positions including heading the MPand Chattisgarh regions for Relaince and Vodafone.. MBA from IIM Ahmedabad BE from IISc Bangalore and B.Sc Hons from St Stephens College, Delhi. Fond of reading and writing about Indian philosophy. A teacher and trainer at heart.

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