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You left footprints on my soul.
One day unexpec

हम और हमारा रसायन शास्त्र

क्या आपने कभी सोचा है कि आपके दिमाग में अलग अलग वि

Children learn from the way they grow.......

“If children live with criticism,
they learn to

कहाँ है वो ईश्वर"

कहाँ है वो ईश्वर"
आज मैं बैठा हूँ ठिठका सा, सह

What can make difference in my life- something different.

What makes difference in life?? Money, power, know
Life takes our test to groom it, to decorate it with precious strength provided we are prepared to take the test. Test may come as any untoward incidence, grief or pressures. It tests us for our passion, endurance and patience.
I had a great course on stress management. 15 participants frm different agencies attended. It was great feedback from them.
God Is Painting The Sky ? By Karen R. Forest The little girl said with a tear in her eye Where is the sunshine that was up in the sky? Mama answered with an encouraging smile Only God knows the answer my child. God has a plan and I know for sure Please don't feel sad, He'll send the right cure, Suddenly the little girl giggled out loud As a cool
How to bring calm, peace, passion in life? Some idea.

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Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Apr 21, 1959
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

I am an educationist, trainer & educator. My keen area of research is "human system management". Being an engineer and done my PhD in stress management, I am more inclined towards researching this area in the perspective of our ancient wisdom. I conduct programmes in stress management, self management, Life moderation and wellness using techniques derived in our old traditions and adhytam science. I also practice Reiki. I am passionate about life and life events. I am quite hopeful that India will be a superpower again through its ancient wisdom, culture and values.

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