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Two of Them

two of them,
pretend to be happy
fight uprig

My God met Me

When God leaves His stature,
Our ideal idolisin

The Inert

The room so dark, black and silent,
Seemed the

I never knew that...

I never knew falling in love is sinful,

The Life-Partner

It was a Sunday afternoon, when the train of old m
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Profession : General
Birthday : Jan 03, 1984
Gender : Female
Location : Kolkata, INDIA

I though never knew that I would one day take up writing as serious as a job, as this has been always my passion and vent to live and survive. For me writing is a treasuring experience and pleasure. I often steal free hours to pen down my thoughts to share. I am a single mother with my only son (3years old) as my soul and my parents as my backbone, trying to set my goal fly with colours along with my dreams, in the same blue sky! 

to check out some of my special poems knock at :

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