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A true soldier.. people's friend..

It was during some winter. I was in a train to

An Anticlimax

The day had been a busy one. The General Manager

The little Spark !!

It was in the year 1999. I had just returned from

We are the Family..

I was born and brought up in Assam. Did my studies

শূণ্যতা (Emptiness of Heart, An Assamese Blog)

জবলপুৰৰ পৰা উৰাজাহাজেৰে দিল্লীলৈ গৈ আছিলো৷ দুঘন্টা
অসমীয়াত ব্লগ লিখা? মজাই বেলেগ? কোনোবাই পঢ়া বুলি গম পালে ব? ভাল লাগিব?

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Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Jan 31, 1961
Gender : Male
Location : Sikar, INDIA

A Chemical engineer.. working as the Principal of an engineering college..I am not a writer, poet , critic, etc etc..Just try to share my thoughts..
অসমৰ মানুহ..ৰাজস্থানত চাকৰি কৰি আছো

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