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Take Charge Of Your Life

A person life is very important but the most impor

Woman and her growing health concerns

Woman of 21st century is extraordinary, she knows
thank you so much Mr.Yogeshwar Dubey, Mr. Nani Manna and Savita Lokhatia for your favourable thoughts and support,i will try to incorporate your suggestions in my next blog.
All parents be aware it has been issued from Memorial physician services illinois,"there is drug going around the school...its known as strawberry meth or strawberry quick..its looks like pop rocks and smells like strawberry and also comes in other flavours like chocolate.please tell your child not to take this candy from anyone as this drug is act
Currently owns a Diet Doyen and with it helps across the world by spreading awareness that right attitude towards the food choice can actually add some healthy years in one?s life.

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Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Jun 30, 1977
Gender : Female
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

As a nutritionist I would like to guide and spread awareness around the globe that anyone can have healthy life just by choosing right food and can fight against any health issues, stress, and weight and skin problems.

And for this I acquired my bachelor’s and master’s degree in food sector and then I achieved Diploma in nutrition, diet and health science from Atlanta, Georgia USA. Later I got the chance to learn advanced clinical nutrition knowledge in Care Hospital Hyderabad and Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Center, Bhopal..

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