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Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Feb 15, 1982
Gender : Male
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

Dear Friends,

I am Anees, which has a literal meaning-"close friend".

I am a graduate (2004) from AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) & post graduate (2006) from IIT Roorkee and as a profession, I am an Engineer working for Research & Development of Hydro Turbines in BHEL, Bhopal, India.

So it goes like this.......

When I was small in 6th class, I used to write my dreams & nightmares in a diary. Many of my poetries are inspired from them. There are about two hundred dreams which I wrote in that diary.

Presently I am working on a novel titled-"The Smell of Memory". Its a semi autobiography and is loosely based on some real incidences related to my close friend & some imaginary incidences based on my dreams.
The novel gets this title because it tells the readers about the effect of the incidences and memories in form of smells in protagonist's grown up life.

With this I would like to share with all of you my first poetry which best describes me.... 

Kabhi kabhi ye dil bezaar sa hota hai;
Khud hi sochta hai ki akhir aisa kyun rehta hai.

Jab kuch nahi hota to pareshan sa rehta hai;
Aur jab sab kuch hota hai to hairaan sa dikhta hai.

Use doosron ki khushiyon se khushi milti hai;
Phir kyun apne gamon se udaas sa rehta hai.

Sab kuch pa lene ki tamanna apne andar rakhta hai;
Aur khwab sach hote hi use sab benoor sa lagta hai.

Geeli barish me bhige patton ke khushboo se khush sa rehta hai;
Phir bhi tez barish me chalne se parhez karta hai.

Aise pal dhoondta hai jisme khud fursat se rehta hai;
Aur phir unhi palon me bore sa ho jata hai.

Pehle sab kuch soch soch kar pareshan sa hota hai;
Phir unhi ka explanation de kar mutmaeen ho jata hai.

Poore system ko sahi karne ke firaaq me rehta hai;
Phir khud kehta hai ki aisa karne se koi farq nahi padta hai;

Mile khushi to dil ko karar milta hai,
Na aye dil ko karar to dil se aab behta hai;

Humne bitaye kitne sukoon bhare pal,
Ab in palon me dil betaab rehta hai;

Hath samet kar awaz di humne lekin,
Goonj door door tak khamosh rehta hai;

Khabon ki duniya se ab hum kyun na niklen,
Sapnon me dil haqeeqat se door rehta hai.

Kabhi kabhi ye dil bezaar sa hota hai;
Khud hi sochta hai ki akhir aisa kyun rehta hai

The English translation of the above poetry is-

Sometimes my heart gets angry,
Itself it thinks why it happens?

When there’s nothing, it gets worried,
And when there’s everything, it’s puzzled,

It finds happiness in other’s happiness,
Then why it remains sad by its sorrow,

It wants everything to attain,
After attainment, it doesn’t like that thing,

It loves the smell of the rain,
But avoids getting wet in rain,

It searches moments to be free,
And in those moments it gets bored,

First it’s worried by its own thoughts,
Then it explains itself and gets satisfied,

It wants to rectify the whole system,
Then it says, that this system can’t be corrected,

It is satisfied when it is happy,
Dissatisfaction makes the eyes wet,

It has beat so many moments relaxing,
Now the moments are filled with eagerness,

It holds its lub-dub and gives a call,
But faraway the echo remains silent,

Why shouldn’t it come out from world of dreams?
In dreams, the heart is away from reality.

Sometimes my heart gets angry,
Itself it thinks why it happens?

Your's Anees

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