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एक सही निर्णय

दो दिन पहले एक समाचार पढ़ा कि उ. प.स. इ. परीक्षा म

who is at fault?

Today, CBSE'S class 12th exams have started. I was


आशा एक किरण
करती आलोकित
तन मन
या फिर

बचों को समर्पित

वोह छोटे छोटे हाथ ; जो बने हैं लिखने को पुस्तक पकड
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Profession : General
Birthday : Aug 14, 1971
Gender : Female
Location : Mohali, INDIA

I have been writing for children for the past many years. I write conceptual poems which are added to their curriculum. Apart from this I also write for school functions, role play activities and school assemblies. As a Resource Person I conduct small workshops on topic concerning the students and teachers.

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