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<3 a special thought for ppl who matter <3....must read once :)

This is a small story which I wud like to share...

the it really cool?

Now-a-days it shouldn't surprise one if they come

civic sense-a rare thing to find!

I studied in one of those top convent schools in m
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Profession : Student
Birthday : Feb 02, 1991
Gender : Female
Location : Jaipur, INDIA

Hii I am Aditi Shrimali a graduate student at present. I have always been an avid reader and sometimes attempt to write too :D 

I have certain ideologies and do not get bogged down by dissent but welcome all kinds of opinions and views :) I love to discuss (about things that matter) and listen to perspectives different than mine.
My special interests are new languages, cultures and life-styles, in short People :) 
Personally am an easy-going person and love making new friends :)

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