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A few residing at the frontiers
ensuring the p

Optimistic Hue

Even the silence has a music,
The modernity a

A query of soul

Why always we women or girls have to suffer. Is li


In few days of matrimonial alliance that undertook

Life - a medley

Life is a medley as I see, full of harsh realities
Not well. but yes all went well for the release.
please do my buy my book.
lik of the video related to my book.
finally getting my book published. really thankful to scratch my soul as it helped me materialize my dream.
don't know what happened that i tried to post an interview but by mistake it was posted for four times. i don't know how to rectify that error.

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Profession : Academic/Science/Research
Birthday : Sep 12, 1986
Gender : Female
Location : BANGA, INDIA

A feminist, a true citizen, innovative, self determined person and humanity my true religion above all religions of the world. A genuine person with genuine thoughts.. Author of two Anthologies : "Love - A Sweet Poison" and  "The Paid Eminence" . Author of Ruhai A Saga of Love, a collection of poems.. Pursuing Research work in the department of Gender Studies. 

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