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Need of Uniform Civil Code

India is a country of religions. Even the word "se

Decriminalizing "Right to Die"

The 2014 came with number of changes in India. Esp

Nobel Peace Prize and Education issue

The recent declaration of Nobel Prize has thrown t


Suffering betrayal,
Living perfidy,

Happy Elections

Everywhere theres a wind of Election! Election! El
Unforgettable SCHOOL LIFE Those smiles after sarcasm Those smiles after each line Writing so fast Those laugh like untangled vine That mimicry of teachers That fear of not doing homework The game of throwing chalks The lunch break in which we rocked Those silly drawings on board Writing pun comments on uniform Those screaming announc
Is being a woman so easy? From struggle for birth, To the sacrifice of life, From accusation of burden, To handling the burden all time, From being accused as a pain, To bearing pain of everyone with smile, From being sacrificed for family?s dreams and prosperity, To doing all works without complaint, This is a lady, Is being a woman so
OUR DEMOCRACY What do we understand from ?Democracy?. Democracy is based on the idea of deliberation and negotiation. We generally define it as ?by the people, from the people, for the people?. So it is always expected of a better Government in country than the non-democratic countries. Like everything has its advantages as well
THE ONLY LIFE Life is never regular, it?s erratic Nobody knows, what would happen The next moment But still we weave?s a dream, for what we live Irrespective of whether we would be seeing The next sun or not. Human is strange, When he is a child, his priorities are family and friends When he slightly grows, the priorities changes To hi

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Profession : Student
Birthday : Jul 23, 1997
Gender : Female
Location : Sehore, INDIA

I 'am a philosopher, want to understand every mind, want to experience every feeling, every human design, a philanthropist, who want to live life the fullest, the deepest and want to write the same. Love Life and to write....

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