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Native Desperado

Shobha de's writing has its own brilliance. Not su

The Sly Charmer

Shobha De is enormously calculating.

Not in

sex & Nation

She writes racy thrillers which are set in urban I

Starry Bites

Shobha De is best when she deals with night. Yes,
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Profession : Media/Journalist/Author
Birthday : Jan 07, 1947
Gender : Female
Location : Mumbai, INDIA

Shobhaa Dé is an Indian columnist and novelist often called India's Jackie Collins. She graduated from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai with a degree in psychology. After making her name as model, she began a career in journalism in 1970, in the course of which she founded and edited three popular magazines – Stardust, Society, and Celebrity. At present, she is a freelance writer and columnist for several newspapers and magazines. Books include Starry Nights, Shooting from the hip

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