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All the person will love you on condition that first you should love yourself...

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Profession : Student
Birthday : Apr 04, 1994
Gender : Male
Location : Gwalior, INDIA

I m Ajit And I Am Doing Work To Bring Smile To Those Persons Who Are Gloomy With There LIfe.
My Achievements are

1.  Achieved prize in Quiz Competition organized by Association of Gwalior Youth & Youth Redcross Society in 2008

2.  Participated in Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Parikshha 2007 and got excellent grade.

3. Achieved prize in Essay Writing Competition organized by Association of Gwalior Youth & Youth Red Cross Society in 2006 at district level.

4. Worked as Leader in Vivekanand Kendra Kanyakumari, Gwalior branch about 7 years.

5.  Trained to more than 1000 students about Suryanamaskar, that Suryanamaskar got Guinness World Record.