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रंगों का मेल

ज़िन्दगी के हर पहलू ...में है रंगों का खेल..



Today..I'm wondering...

Upset !

Am unable to reach this site or post ..from about 2 weeks !

O' WHY ?

A 'Life' we have -- none of us know how long...


My heart is dancing eyes are twinkling ..and
Yayyy!!! Always the 'Dreamer" and the iccorrigible Romantic-at -heart , with a million thoughts fleeting through my mind, I have ATLAST found one way to reach out my thoughts....through the appreciative members of the 'Blogger`s Park"..!!! So , Happy Times ahead , for me and my Friend-Readers..:)I`m Sure my Creativity will know no Limits..!!
Am in splits. Rolling with laughter..!ALL the Emotions we women have , are wrapped up by the uncomprehending MALE breed , as "Hormonal" Swings..!When they cannot cope up with our soulful yearnings, they conveniently label it as P.M.S--{pre-menstrual syndrome , or Peri-menopausal Syndrome}, depending on the poor Dame`s age:)How LITTLE the MEN know u

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Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Sep 06, 1958
Gender : Female
Location : Bhopal, INDIA

I am a Doctor by profession, an ENT surgeon , who loves writing  articles, painting , poetry-writing ,reading, dancing and love Nature.My husband , an Ophthalmologist Dr Salil Kumar always encourages me in my artistic endeavours. I have two delightful children - daughter Anshima and son Ankit..Both my kids have recently left my 'Nest" to fly off to their own lives.

Writing and painting are what give me immense pleasure....and they , infact make me a better doctor too !My articles and poems have been published off and on....Now I`m becoming a more serious Writer ; and it`s a pleasure to share my views ! I`m soon coming up with a book on my poems.on the sweet request of my dear hubby . 

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